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100% Grass Fed Beef Box

100% Grass Fed Beef Box

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This box contains either 20lbs, 40lbs or 80lbs of 100% grass fed & finished beef, based on your choosing.

What's in a box?   

*each box is slightly different and this is just an example*

Small Beef Box Medium Beef Box Large Beef Box
  • 1-2 x beef roast (3-4lbs each)
  • 7-10 x ground beef pkgs (1lb each)
  • 2 x stewing beef pkgs (1lb each)
  • 4-6 x steaks 
  • 2-4 x beef roast (3-4lbs each)
  • 15-20 x ground beef pkgs (1lb each)
  • 4 x stewing beef pkgs (1lb each)
  • 8-10 x steaks
  • 5-7 x beef roast (3-4lbs each)
  • 30-35 x ground beef pkgs (1lb each)
  • 8 x stewing beef pkgs (1lb each)
  • 16-20 x steaks 

This box contains a variety of cuts as listed below, based on what is in season and in stock:

Steaks: T-Bone, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Sirloin, Striploin

Roasts: Brisket, Inside Round, Boston, Sirloin Tip, Picanha (Sirloin cap)

Ground: 1lb packages

Stew: 1 inch cubes (1lb packages)

How We Farm?

Our cattle spend their days on our regenerative pastures.  They are continuously rotated to ensure they are consuming forage with the highest possible nutritional value. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used in raising our cattle. Learn More 

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