Free-Range Pastured Turkey

There is no better staple to a holiday dinner then the roasted turkey sitting in the center of the table.  The holiday feast may take all day to prepare, but the true beginning of this meat actually starts months in advance.

At Storie Farms we receive our day old turkey poults at the start of June. They then spend the first few weeks in our brooder.  Our brooders are equipped with fresh bedding, heat lamps, waterers and feeders.  The birds always have access to a non-GMO grains that are custom milled by Storie Farms on-site.

At 4-6 weeks of age we move them to a large fenced-in pasture. During the day they are free to roam, scratch and forage for food. They also have access to a coop to get out of the elements if they prefer.  This is also where their waterer and feeder is located.  

Turkeys, unlike chickens, take several months to grow to a harvestable size.  We receive the turkeys in June and they are with us until late September.  Although it is possible to grow them faster we prefer to give our birds access to pasture; therefore, naturally they will grow a bit slower.  However, this approach allows our birds to develop more naturally, resulting in a more flavorful meat.

How We Process

All of our birds are butchered at a local federally licensed and inspected facility the week before thanksgiving.  There the birds are packaged as whole birds in vacuum sealed bags and frozen that day.