Pasture-Raised Pigs

All our pigs are born on-farm by our breeding stock. We raise them on organic pasture and non-GMO feed. No hormones or antibiotics are used.

Life of a Pig

For the first 6-8 weeks, our piglets spend their days sleeping and cuddling with their mom and siblings. Once they are a little older and more comfortable, they are moved to an indoor/outdoor pen or pasture full-time.  Our pig pasture is filled with grasses, legumes, root vegetables, brassicas and much more. Every week the pigs are moved to a different area to ensure that they have constant access to fresh pasture.

Since pigs cannot get enough protein and energy strictly from pasture alone they also have access to non-GMO grains. This ensures that they are getting a full, well-rounded diet. The grains are milled by Storie Farms on-site and mixed to create custom feed.

Although the majority of the pigs are raised during the summer months, those that are with us in the winter get introduced to the barn.  These pigs have a large indoor pen with a deep bed of straw for them to burrow in and stay warm.  They also have access to an outdoor yard. In the yard we are constantly providing them many different types of carbon sources for them to root around and play in. In the spring this thick layer of carbon that has been completely composted from the pigs and microbes is then used in our gardens and spread out in the field as fertilizer.

How We Process

All of our pigs are brought to a local butcher who is federally licensed and inspected.  A portion of the cuts are additionally smoked for added flavour.  We get the following cuts from our pigs: loin chops, spare ribs, mild Italian sausage, honey garlic sausage, breakfast sausage, smoked bacon, smoked ham and pepperettes.