Our Connection to the NICU

Excited with the pending arrival of our third child, we were completely stunned by the news that our pregnancy was being threatened. We were informed at 20 weeks gestation that those "practice contractions" were doing more than just practicing. At this time our baby was not of a viable gestation, therefore, Kelly was sent home on strict bedrest to sustain the pregnancy as long as possible. 

At 24 weeks gestation, birth seemed imminent and our physician made the decision to admit Kelly to the hospital for closer observation. This is where she spent the remainder of her pregnancy, until June 26th when our baby girl made her arrival at 27 weeks +1 day gestation. Maisie weighed 2lbs, but we were about to learn no matter how tiny, she was plenty mighty. 

During Maisie's hospital stay, she spent three weeks at TOH - General Campus, five weeks at TOH - Civic Campus and one week at CHEO. During this time she overcame intubation, ventilation, parenteral nutrition, feeding tubes, infection and so much more. Each accomplishment displayed how resilient she was and made us the proudest parents. 

This moment in time is remembered by us as a time of fear, worry, anxiety and stress. Accompanied by hope, love, support and tremendous amounts of gratitude! It is this gratitude, that has inspired us to give back in the form of a fundraiser. We thank you for your support!