Pastured Chickens

Here at Storie Farms we receive our chickens as one day old chicks and raise them for the next 3 weeks in our chick brooder. The chick brooder is a small area that is bedded with straw, has heat lamps and the birds are supplied with constant access to non-GMO feed and water.  Once they are 3 weeks of age, have lost their yellow fuzz and grown their white feathers, they are big and strong enough to be moved to pasture.

The chickens are then moved into mobile coops. The coops are moved to fresh pasture daily and contain a continual supply of fresh water and non-GMO grains. The grains are milled by Storie Farms on-site and mixed to create custom feed.

Why mobile coops?

Over the years, we have proudly grown chickens in both mobile coops and in free-range settings. We have found that mobile coops can be beneficial because they give the chickens a fresh piece of pasture every single day. Alternatively, in a free-range setting the birds can be on the same piece of pasture for several days or weeks. Our coops offer the birds plenty of space so they can still explore. Furthermore, because they are moved daily there is less soil damage and the birds actually fertilize the grounds increasing the biodiversity.

How We Process

All of our birds are butchered at a local federally licensed and inspected facility. We like to provide our customers with a variety of cuts, so we have some birds packaged and frozen whole, ready for the oven. While others are pieced into cuts of breasts, thighs, drumstick and wings.