How Does It Work?

Placing an order for either a subscription or bulk order, reserves your share of meat and/or veggie for the upcoming season. You are investing in your food and your farmer so we can produce high-quality food for our community.

Picking Up My Order

You have the option of choosing any one of our four convienent pick up locations to collect your produce!

Your produce will be delivered to that location on the pick up date you choose at check out. Produce at these locations will be stored in a fridge or freezer, respectively.

You may then retreive your order at your convenience, anytime during the retailer's regular store hours!

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  • Meat Subscriptions

    Purchasing a Storie Farms meat subscription reserves you a share of meat biweekly or monthly, based on the subscription you choose. If you do not have a lot of freezer space, this is a fantastic way to enjoy the price benefits of ordering in bulk, but receiving the produce in smaller increments!

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  • Meat Bulk Orders

    These orders are intended for customers who would like to receive a box a meat, as a one-time order. Our pork and beef boxes range from 15lbs to 80lbs of meat per box. Choose the amount that best suits your needs, based on the amount of freezer storage you have and how often meat is on your menu!

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Advantages to the Customer

When purchasing food this way you know exactly where your food is coming from and you know how it is being grown. Purchasing directly from your local farmer results in your food changing far fewer hands. You are shortening your supply chain tremendously. This reduces the environmental impact on the globe and our communities.

Advantages to the Farmer

We get to raise meat and grow produce directly for the consumer. We will raise healthier animals and higher quality meat and veggies simply because the consumer has already purchased the product. This way our attention is not distracted by all the various details associated with marketing and sales and can remain solely on producing food you can feel good about!