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Local Farm Fresh Meat

We raise our animals on pasture, producing meat you can feel good about.

Storie Farms

Our Animals

> Antibiotic-free

> No growth hormones

> Raised on pasture

> Locally grown

> Fed non-GMO diet

Grass-fed Beef

Our cattle are raised on pasture with multi-forage species of legumes and grasses from the months of May to November. During the winter months they are brought into the barn or yard where they are fed organic dry hay that was harvested from our fields.


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Pastured Chicken

Our pasture-run chickens are housed in mobile coops that are moved daily to a fresh piece of pasture. This way the chickens get all the benefits of being on pasture along with the safety the coop provides. They are supplied with non-gmo feed and water at all times.


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Pastured Pork

Our pastured pigs are rotated weekly giving them constant access to fresh pasture and grasses. They love to root around in the soil and vegetation, while basking in the sun. They are also supplied with non-gmo feed and water to complete their diet.


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Free-Range Pastured Turkey

Turkeys are naturally very good foraging animals and love spending their days roaming their pasture. They are provided a custom made non-gmo mixed grain ration that they have constant access to. The birds never receive any antibiotics or growth hormones. The birds are harvested a week before thanksgiving.


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